When there is inadequate number noticed in sperm production and quality then this involves the chances of male infertility. There are many factors responsible for this problem like hormonal abnormalities, infected semen, excess use of antibiotics, alcohol abuse, exposure to heavy metal or drug abuse. But, there are many home remedies available to treat such problem. This will need to increase your sperm count naturally with improved quality.


sunflower to increase semen count
Consume sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds daily and this will influence the sperm count and enhance the male fertility. Therefore, a man going who is suffering from low sperm count must consume raw sunflower or pumpkin seeds every day.


yogurt to increase semen count
Yogurt contains many properties in it. The lactobacillus bacteria in yogurt help towards sperm growth and the chance of fertility. Moreover, yogurt has vitamin B12 that is essential for the growth of sperms.


Almond to increase semen count
Almonds in enriched with many vitamins but it also has zinc and amino acids in it which is necessary for the growth of sperms. Therefore, men who are suffering from low sperm count must take almonds to fulfill the nutrients in the body and let the count of growth of sperm go up.


garlic to increase semen count
Garlic is the one herb which is extremely demanded. It is a natural
aphrodisiac which is famous for increasing the sperm count. There is a property called allicin, which will boost the count of sperm and improves the blood circulation.


pomegranate to increase semen count
Pomegranate is an antioxidant which will reduce malondialdehyde. This is responsible for damaging the sperm. You just have to consume it regularly then it will kill the free radicals and improving the sperm count gradually.


walnut to increase semen count
The efficiency of walnut in improving sperm count is known in the world. It does the job by increasing the motility of male and it reduces the problems prevailing with chromosomes.