UTI is an infection that mainly affects kidney, bladder or urethra, and urinary tract. They can easily be treated with the help of antibiotics. There are home remedies that can effectively ease the pain and calm the irritation in the bladder. The at-home treatment is the best way to go for UTI. UTI causes due to bacteria and virus get the place in your bladder. Well, bacteria is the one responsible factor for more than 80% patients. Home remedies for UTI work most of the times naturally. Typically the bacteria should get kicked out with the help of defense mechanism of the body, which enters in your uterus. For that, there are home remedies available. Lets check them out:


With the help of probiotics, curing UTI at home is easily possible. You just have to increase the number of healthy bacteria in your body. In the process of increasing the number of healthy bacteria in the body, probiotics will help and will treat the symptoms of a urinary tract infection. It helps by increasing the flow of urine in your bladder.

Natural Probiotics
Natural Probiotics

Plenty Of Water

One main reason for UTI is Dehydration. This increases the risk of urinary tract infection. This is why it is told to drinking plenty of water which will help to dilute the organic waste in your bladder. Drinking enough water regularly will increase the number of frequent urination. Frequent urinating in a day will help in removing the bacteria from your urinary tract.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an amazingly excellent home remedy that will treat UTI infection. It will kill the bacteria and will help by cleaning your bladder from harmful viruses. Apple cider vinegar has many antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties and this will treat the problem and will show effective results in providing relief from the inflammatory sensation.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is known and effective home remedy for UTI infection. which contains a compound called proanthocyanidins. This prevents harmful bacteria from infecting your uterus and also reduces the number of bacteria in the urinary tract. It will help you to recover in no time

Vitamin C

Women who are suffering from UTI should start taking Vitamin C. This can relax your uterus wall and will smoothen up the inflammatory sensation in urination. It is also helpful to provide relief from stomach cramps. Add more of Vitamin C enriched food items in your diet to cure UTI soon.

Indian Gooseberry
Indian gooseberry is filed with many properties and is a natural antibiotic which can kill urinary tract bacteria. It has several anti-inflammatories, antiviral antibacterial, and antiseptic properties that will ease up the process of treatment for UTI. Indian gooseberry kills the viruses and inhibits the growth of good bacteria.